Does anyone have a vert d'eau GH? And/or PICS?

  1. I am dying for a vert d'eau in gh either day or city preferrably, but I've never seen one in person... Anyone who has one, please post pics!!! :heart:
  2. Here's a pic of a Vert D'eau City in GH (from an eBay auction)
    hgbags_city_vertdeau.JPG hbags_city_vertdeau2.JPG
  3. Thanks for posting it, super hot! Love it....
  4. the color is yummy......:smile:
  5. Fiat Flux, did you get that from HGBAGS? Love it! Have you received it yet? Please post pics of what it looks like in sunlight!
  6. No, sadly - I missed that auction (yes, it was hgbags). I am now on her waiting list to get a Giant Vert D'eau Brief when she gets them in...
  7. it's nice!