Does anyone have a SoHo Small Hobo? Pics??

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  1. Hello everyone. I've been going back and forth on which bag I want to get next and I've been interested in the small Hobo. Now, I don't mind smaller bags at all because I don't carry as much with me as most people seem to, but I worry that it still may be too small for what I'm looking for.

    If anyone has this bag, how do you like it? I'd love to see pictures if you have them, especially pictures with you wearing it.

    Thanks so much

  2. I have one! Its a nice, basic bag, but I never find myself wearing it really. It just doesn't wow me. I like bigger bags. I guess its good "just to have" one, if that makes sense?

    It would probably be perfect for you if you like smaller bags.

    Sorry, I don't have a digital camera, someone else might have good pics! If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask. :smile:
  3. Hi I also have one, and I also have no pictures. It was my first Coach bag so I do have a soft spot for it. I also do not carry much around with me so I thought it would be a perfect bag. However, I have a checkbook/wallet combo and getting it in and out was not easy. I decided that it was to much of a hassle for an everyday bag. I then bought a few other coach bags and found them much to large. Hubby recently got me the Legacy shoulder bag and I love it. It is the perfect size not to large. Although it does not have feet on the bottom it does have a nice flat surface. With the Soho I felt like I was damaging it every time I had to set it down.
    It is a nice cute bag and I am glad I have it, it is just not an everyday bag.
  4. I have 4 small soho hobos, I love the shape. Believe it or not alot fits in that small bag.
  5. I bought mine at the outlet a few months back and I really love it. I'm short so I can't carry really huge bags. This is big enough to carry my two long checkbook-style wallets, my bulky Coach sunglasses case, my two sets of keys (one on the clip keychain - clipped to the ring inside the bag) a couple packs of gum, my cell phone, lip gloss and mini hand lotion.

    I will agree that it's a bit inconvenient to get in and out of very often, but it holds a lot and goes with just about everything on a casual day. Here are a few pics of me with it (pardon the pjs):

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  6. What size is that tivogirl? Oopps, just read it..small.
  7. Hey Neptune... check your Macy's if you have one. The one by me has the black leather ones for 50% off. If your going to get one, might as well get a deal... then you can get something else too! :graucho:
  8. Check the outlets too - the one in Park City had several of the color I bought and a few black. This was in late January/early February. I want to say I paid around $130, but I'm not 100% sure.

    Also, now that I'm looking at the dimensions of the "large" and "small" on, I think this may actually be the large one. LOL guess I wasn't paying attention - sorry!
  9. This is my first post usually i'm just a lurker, but I did want to let you know that at Macy's they sell a medium soho signature hobo (style 10074) for $248. I had bought the small bag and returned it, because I couldn't fit my wallet and sunglass case in the purse at the same time and zip it up... plus it was really uncomfortable to wear almost right under my armpit. So if you're undecided about the small bag you might want to try the medium size it was the perfect size for me. Not too big but not too small. I love mine!!! Let me know if you would like to see actual pictures and I can post them when I get home.

  10. That Macy's link - it's the same size as the one I posted pics of above, so that will give you an idea of what it looks like in comparison. I'm 5'1" so it probably looks bigger on me than on some people. This is about the biggest bag I can get away with.

    (On the Coach site, the same dimensions are listed as the "large" size, but the Macy's site doesn't say a size. I'm so confused!)