Does anyone have a Signature Bleecker duffle?

  1. I have been a satchel girl for the last year as when I carry a shoulder bag for long periods of time it tends to bother my back. I bought an Ink Bleecker Duffle in an outlet and love it! I love it so much that I was thinking about getting another color. I wanted teh Whisky but they are long gone so my next thought was black. I do really like signature so I thought maybe I would go for the signature? Does anyone have one of these???
  2. i got one at dillards for $139. I haven't carried it yet, but I love the style. I say go for it!
  3. Can I ask what color you purchased and when.
  4. I got the black signature on 1/31 I think...last time they had the additional 30% off clearance merchandise.
  5. I have the signature bleeker duffle in medium, with the wine colour trim...... I was going to get it in all leather but when I saw it in the signature I fell in love with it.... It's only the medium but it holds everything you need, it sits very comfortable on my shoulder I find if I put too much stuff in the large carly it is too heavy & hurts my shoulder . I also like the fact that it stands upright . I love the bleeker collection my next purchase is going to be the bleeker with the flap signature with the red trim..........What's 1 more coach bag..........I'm a ...Coachalocic
  6. I have the black leather large duffle and love it. I've gotten so may compliments on it. It's large, but again I do not fill it up. It's perfect so my hands are free when I put it over my shoulder. The signature is more stiff for me it tends to look too big on me.