Does anyone have a Sharif 2008-2004 not over the edge


Budding Bag Junkie
Dec 27, 2007
Houston, TX
I have a Shariff from last year or the year before (it was a gift).....she is brown and teal blue, very pretty, but not too crazy!
Jan 10, 2008
Oakland, California
I have several that are not as "excited" as some of the bags he has out today. My black leather hobo is pretty much without embellishment save a bold key and a heart charm. It is very nice and I wear it a lot. I'll tell you - Sharif has put out a line that is a rip-off of LV's mulitcolor line. At least it looks that way to me. He even has a dog purse (a purse shaped like a dog--I kid you not!) fashioned from the rip-off "canvas."