Does anyone have a sales associate?

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  1. Aloha! I am looking for a sales associate preferably on the west coast (San Fran?) that would be able to help me with a purchase over email/phone and ship to me in Hawaii. I don't have any trips planned near and Goyard sales and am hoping to get a St. Louis GM and achieve purse peace once and for all.

    Thank you!!!!
  2. Hi there, it may be difficult for any sales associate to help you out if you have not purchased at a boutique yet. Usually, when you have an account or profile, you may be able to purchase via phone. Have you tried going to their website and using the Distant Sales that they offer? It may take a little while if you go that route, but I'll have to see if my SA is alright with me sharing her contact info.
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  3. I have SA in Miami Goyard, the shipping cost should be the same, but If you have never purchased from Goyard before, the first time purchase will be a little complicated that you have to wire the money instead of paying with credit card.
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  4. Did you want to try purchasing through Bergdorfs or Barney’s? I got my Artois surprisingly easy through Bergdorfs over the phone and it will be shipped
  5. Hi there -
    Do you happen to have the contact info of who you purchased from? I am looking to purchase from Bergdorf or Neiman's.... thank you :smile: