Does anyone have a SA @ the WYNN, LV?

  1. That you would recommend?
  2. I don't shop at Wynn that much but as far as my experience goes.. Craig is pretty good.
  3. There is an SA whose name is Stephanie, very kind and easy to deal with. I'd totally recommend her!
  4. I'd recommend Carrie - she's so great to work with!
  5. Thank you. : )
  6. Lynne is great to work with.:tup:
  7. May is great too--very helpful and not pushy at all
  8. I liked May too she was really sweet. She was even very nice and not judgemental when my stupid credit card declined.

    I have a 28K limit but for some reason whenever I make purchases over 2K my credit card declines and I always have to thats not humiliating at all.
  9. I work with Elizabeth...I just called yesterday for a 2.55 metallic black and dark silver metallic in 226....and then I got a call today that they arrive and she is shipping them to me. I can't believe it. I am a happy camper but broke (LOL)....
  10. I love Lynn........

    she is super!!!!!!
  11. If you want to try the Neimans in vegas, Carlos is EXCELLENT.
    I keep away from the Wynn Chanel after my husband bacherlor party.