Does anyone have a Rouille RH Work? I wanna see

  1. hey guys - I was in Grand Central Station NYC the other day and this woman walked by with a Rouille RH Work.:nuts: OMG it was stunning! So unusual and boy was it suuuuuper smooshy and broken in. Anyone have one? This bag is haunting me and I want to see it again! :heart: I know the colors between 06 and 07 are slightly different? I think since the 07 was so recently released and this bag was totally broken in, it was 06 - but the leather didn't look thin at all...anyway, TIA!
  2. OMG!!! I have been on the hunt for this exact bag FOREVER!!! :sweatdrop: All I could find was the GSH which is also gorgeous, but, I have my heart set on this with RH. Please, Please, Please, if anyone has one, post a picture pronto!!
  3. I really want to see one as well!!!
    I have yet to discover the difference between this season's Paprika and 06 Rouille.
    Anyone has both together, or something in Paprika???

    Would love to see pics!:idea:
  4. I had a gorgeous rouille 06 work that I stupidly sold. I thought it was too big and now of course, I love the size:sad:
    rouille1.JPG rouille3.JPG rouille2.JPG
  5. oh yes... i was actually considering this instead of RV work... to save me from the 2 reds dilemma/practicality point...
  6. Yes! I also want to see a Paprika RH in a Twiggy or First and any comparison pics between the '06 Rouille vs. '07 Paprika. I love the color but think it would be too much in the City size. I like the brighter colors in the smaller bags. Anyone? :yes:
  7. I've seen a Pap Work at NM and it was exactly that - Paprika color. Nice color, but not as much pop as Rouille!
  8. OMG addictedtopurses - GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! droooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool *thanks so much for sharing!!*