Does anyone have a review for MINNIE TRAVEL BALLET FLAT

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  1. It is on sale on the Tory Burch website. The white color looks cute and suitable for summer. Just wonder if anyone has tried it. Whether it is comfortable.
  2. A bunch of us own them. They are far more comfortable than Revas due to extra padding on the bottom. I wear the same size as in Revas.
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  3. OK! Sounds great. Will order a pair~
  4. Wish I could wear them but to narrow, not everyone has slim feet, wish she would make wide....
  5. As a Minnie fan I should offer my ( biase ) opinion. They fit my feet perfect and are comfy right out of the box. And like Harlem Cutie said, they have more padding in the foot bed. Not to mention they are available in almost every color.

  6. Yes you are both right. They are much more comfortable than I expected!
  7. Glad you find the Minnie's comfortable.

    I like the Minnie's....NO, I mean I love the Minnie's.... NO, mean I'm addicted to the Minnie's, haha

  8. Wow what a beautifully colorful collection!
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  9. hi guys,

    looking to purchase these and was wondering about sizing? I am size 8.5 narrow foot but but in revas. should i downsize to an 8.5 or stick with a 9?

    thank you in advance for your help
  10. these are on the narrower side and run TTS in my opinion. I'm a true 9.5. Size 10 in Minnie flats fall off my feet.
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  11. Whoops! Sorry for my huge typo. I meant to say i am a true size 8.5 but size up in revas to a 9. Thank you so much for your help. It is much appreciated. I am off to hopefully purchase these and they fit =) *fingers crossed* Have a great weekend!
  12. Most styles of Tory flats (Minnie's, Carolines, Eddie, York, Ruby, etc) I'm a size 10.5. In Revas I have several pairs of 10.5's and also several pairs of 11. Most of my size 11 Revas are the old style Reva with the elastic around the heel, in the new style Revas 10.5 fits OK. The Minnie's are a softer leather than the Revas and all of my Minnie's were comfy right out of the box. Hope this helps.
    What color are you looking to get?
  13. Hi Tory!

    Thank you so much for the information and your help! I was actually trying to work on getting 3 pairs(tan-love love love brown,ivory-perfect for summer and the basic black for everyday wear). However, I am so afraid of the sizing and would hate to do 3 possible returns. I think I will just try them on at the store and purchase directly from there vs online. But thank you so very much for your input and help! Much appreciated =)
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  14. Your Welcome. In all honesty I would recommend trying them on in the boutique or store when possible. Wow, three pairs, thats GREAT! Good luck
  15. Revas??? No Quinn??? No, these are my new Minnie's :smile:

    These babies followed me home from the Tory Burch boutique the other day.

    DSC08384.JPG DSC08390.JPG