Does anyone have a regular doctor for anti aging maintenance in NYC?

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  1. I have finally caved and gotten dysport on my entire forehead but I see the results starting to wear off after just six weeks so am looking for a doctor that can do regular anti aging procedures - some dysport or botox, perhaps filler for smaller lines, smaller touch-ups. etc. I need a regular maintenance routine. I felt like the first doctor I went to didn't offer up as many solutions as I was looking for (I am getting a few pucker lines on my upper lip and also have puffiness and wrinkles under my eyes but she didnt give any suggestions).

    Anyone have a regular doctor they go to?
  2. Just moved from NYC. I used Paul Lorenc on the UES for botox regularly (a few times a year for a few years). He did a great job. My mom’s plastic surgeon recommended him to me. However, neither ever recommends extra procedures to me (something that also bothers me to some extent). I think this is something you might want to bring up to them to make sure they’re aware that you’re interested in other treatments.
  3. I recently went to Ject and they were great - gave lots of choices and explained what each was for.