Does anyone have a Raisin Birkin?

  1. I'm being offered a beautiful Raisin birkin in 30cm with PH and wondering if i should go ahead with it as a good alternative to black in the summertime (i love black but don't wear black in the heat). Does anyone own a raisin birkin? it'd be fun to see pics! thx
  2. no, but gina b has a raisin box kelly 28 sellier.........
  3. I don't have a Birkin but I have a raisin Toto in togo ( say that five times fast) and an chevre agenda...I think raisin really is a f/w color...but I'm a traditionalist...I'm trying to find excuses to take the BJ kelly out bfore March 21st.

    Do you want a pic anyway???:shrugs: :yes: ...( I love raisin)
  4. babyhart, if I'm remembering correctly from the "Ode To the Bolide" thread, don't you have a raisin Bolide?

    If you already have a raisin Bolide, I would not add a raisin Birkin to the collection, especially if the leathers are similar.

    I personally think that raisin is better suited to a mou Bolide, because it has kind of a laid-back, offbeat vibe. Not to say that doesn't fit with the Birkin as well, I just think the color is better suited to the Bolide in this instance. I do think that raisin is a good alternative to black, and can definitely be worn in the summertime.
  5. babyhart, I had a Raisin Togo Kelly for a short time before I sold it. It was a very dark color. I didn't particularly like it :sad: ( thus, the sale )

    I feel it could be worn with a lot of different darker & rouge come to mind.

    *sigh* maybe I should have kept know they say about hindsight.
  6. I would love a raisin birkin!!!
  7. hmmmm... i'm not sure whether to get it or not. i do have a raisin bolide but with GH, and i love the combo. but i do love the birkin style.
  8. babyhart, MK does have a listing of a 30cm Raisin Chevre Mysore Birkin with palladium hardware. Go check the photos out. I would love a raisin birkin myself!
  9. I have a 35 cm raisin birkin in chevre with PH. I love it as alternative to my 35 black Clemence.
    I hesitated to get it at first and now I am glad that I did.
  10. I have a raisin bolide and it is so so yummy! Truly one of the most underappreciated H colors IMHO! My photos are on the bolide thread....PM me & I'll send them to you!
  11. I have a 35cm raisin togo with ph and I am so in love with it. she is at the spa.

    It goes with EVERYTHING. its an amazing color. its a black purple and I just love it!
  12. I agree. its under appreciated but I just do love it so. I am so glad I bought mine. the second I saw the color I wanted it
  13. I have a raisin box white bus (the tiny size). I rarely carry it but I do love the color. I have thought for a while that I would like a raisin Birkin given my wardrobe and coloring. Maybe some day. I see it as a neutral since it is dark. And I continue to obsess over the appeal of a raisin box/vibrato Birkin that I have thought about periodically for years.
    I agree with angstofgumby though...if you already have the raisin Bolide, I would probably pass.
  14. oooooh!!! how pretty!!!! i think it's a great all year round color!! i would totally get one for myself too if i could!
  15. Yes, get it, just gorgeous! You can always decide to sell it later if it doesn't work (perhaps to me??? Please??? :yes: )

    After looking at raisin, and after buying mostly "safe" neutrals, a raisin Birkin or Kelly or Bolide seems SO logical! I want one! If anyone wants to sell one, please pm me asap!!