Does anyone have a raffelo netowrk coupon code??

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  1. it would be much appreciated !!

  2. give it to me too :smile:
  3. Has anyone ever returned anything to them?

  4. I have. It took some doing getting through to their customer service department - their toll free line seems to go to voice mail hell - and I was quite panicked at first. But after sending about 3 emails, I got a call from them saying they'd take back my return, gave me their courier account and I shipped it back to them without charge and received a full refund! Not sure if this is normal though. I work in the media and threatened them with 9 circles of hell if they didn't comply. :graucho:
  5. Ooh... good to know. I was going to ship my return to them via FEDEX... but I'm worried F.E. will make me claim the full amount of the return - whereas RN gave me a $25 invoice for a $1000 bag... so you shipped thru *their* DHL account???