does anyone have a promotion code for hervia?

  1. If you do, please post it
    Thank you ^0^
  2. What's hervia???:shrugs:
  3. they sell Vivienne Westwood stuff... i've never ordered there personally, but one of my friends is a regular customer.
  4. yes, they sell VW stuff and that's pretty much the only website that you can trust and use...(the official website only ships to EU)
    I just saw a pendant from them and I love it~

    So does anyone have a promotion code~??
  5. it only ships to EU? D: oh damn i live in US and im lusting after an armour ring. wat can you do with the promotion code may i ask?
  6. they ship to australia :biggrin: I just ordere earrigns they arrived so quickly and they were very efficient and i got my VAT back!! yay...
    i bought a GHD ogg HQ hair but they never gave me my VAT back they never replied my enquiries either..not buyign from them again,,
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