Does anyone have a problem with their BH

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  1. I just exchanged a defective mono Speedy 30 for the Bh. I love the Bh ,but when I put my stuff in it hurt my shoulder. I do have a previous injury, but my petit bucket doesn't seem to bother it. My husband and stepdad both said I should just keep the BH .I really love this bag but my shoulder has been hurting on and off for a year due to carrying an other brand very heavy bags. What should I do?:confused1: Only one week left to exchange the unused Bh again. How embarrassing.
  2. Can you put less in it? So there isn't so much strain on your shoulder? The bag itself is very light, so if you don't put so much in it, you should be okay. It's a double strap bag same as the petite bucket and is actually lighter than the petite bucket. I know sometimes it's easy to put a lot in a bigger bag simply because it can hold so much. Try taking everything out except your essentials and see if that helps. You might want to touch base with your doctor. It may be that due to your injury he will want you to use a handheld bag. If he says the BH is okay, maybe just try to "lighten the load." I have a new BH - but I don't carry much in it - I do find it hurts a bit if I try to carry things that are too heavy.

    Good luck - let us know what you decide.:yahoo:
  3. I actually weighed the bag with the stuff in it . It was only three pounds. May be it's time to call the doctor back again. I have been using my azur speedy a lot and that doesn't bother me . It's when I have the kids in tow I'd like to use a shoulder bag. Thanks for the in put Charleston Mom.
  4. Maybe you should switch sides to carry the BH. I should know had arm surgery never been the same again. I opt to carry on the semi-good arm by carrying less and switching from shoulder to arm/hand carry to give it some rest. Plus didn't want to have cummulative problems to the injured shoulder and the other side.
  5. If you cant wear the bag send it back. If you have a shoulder injury you shouldnt use a shoulder bag...
  6. I agree. Shoulder bags can put a lot of strain on the shoulder. When you're used to carrying a handheld and then you carry a shoudler bag, it just seems heavier even if you're carrying the same weight. Shoulder bags can be more convenient, but you sure don't want to aggravate an injury. If you want to have more convenience, maybe try a backpack style.
  7. Thank you for all the help. I'm going to use my handheld bags for now. I'm also going to see how it feels on my good shoulder tomorrow for a couple of minutes. I see what happens after that.
  8. All my prayers are with you - I'm am hoping for healing!
  9. I did as you suggested and went back to the doctor. The things I will do for a bag. They are sending me for an MRI and to physical therapy. But they never answered my question about the bag. I guess they just don't know yet. My step dad is the one who got me the bag and wants me to keep it. So I will. hope I get to use it soon.
  10. I am glad that you went to the Dr. In the meantime, I would hold out on using the BH, but I would definitely keep it - its such a faulous and useful bag. You could always carry it by hand until you find out more about your shoulder. Good luck!!
  11. Thanks, thats just what I'm going to do.