Does anyone have a problem with the Delightful PM not having a zipper?

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  1. I just bought a Delightful PM. I bought a totally PM three years ago and I sold it this fall. I work from never was perfect for me, so I sold it. I miss having an LV, I got the Delightful pm. Haven't worn it yet. Wanted to ask about the non zipper issue. I NEVER zip my bags unless I'm sightseeing/traveling.....otherwise always open. Has anyone had a problem in a movie, shopping or in the car if it falls? I want to keep it. I work hard. I'm a size 8-10 and it seems to suit me. Thoughts?
  2. Anyone? Help! :smile:
  3. I don't have any issues with my delightful PM not having a zipper - between the clip and the natural fold, it's pretty secure. It's a great bag!
  4. I prefer "every day" bags without a zipper. (I don't zip my zipper bags either) No issues. It folds over itself nicely and mine felt very secure under the arm.. so maybe just don't over stuff the bag you'll be fine. :smile:
  5. Since you generally don't zip your bags anyway, keep the Delightful. It's a beautiful bag and you can fold its top down to add security. I also think about open top bags falling over in the car if I have to brake suddenly and my things tumbling out, but the same thing could happen if your zip-top bag is wide open in the car. You can also load in a zippered purse to go and keep your things inside that for extra security.
  6. I have the delightful mm and LVOE it, but let's face it. An open topped bag is not in favor of a moving vehicle. I would recommend a zippered purse organizer for extra security.
  7. I never had an issue. I do clip it if I'm going to the movies or am in a crowded area.
  8. +1 :smile:
  9. Has it been durable?
  10. Nope, never had things fall out, topple over in the car, or something stolen. It slouches just perfectly, and it's an amazing bag, super comfy and very durable. Definitely keep it!
  11. Could not have said it better! Love my Delightful MM and GM!
  12. I recommend putting a seatbelt on your bag. No joke! In my small town we have a lot of horrible drivers so I'm always braking and my bag would go flying if not for seatbelt

    I don't ever zip my bags so I think Delightful pm is next bag!
  13. I love my delightful mm and have never had a problem. It is a great bag 😍