Does anyone have a problem with the clasp of the Spy?

  1. hi
    I have a new spy and the clasp of the pocket compartment des not "click" in place. It closes though but does not have the secured "click" sound unlike my choco Spy which closes firmly with a tight "click"
    i was told it will take $$ and a few months to repair this if the clasps gives way. I am more afraid I fail to close the compartment properly as I become careless instead of watching out for that reasurring "click". is that enough reason for me to send back to Jomashop for an exchange?:sad:

    Does anyone have a problem with the clasp?
  2. Clasp of the spywand compartment or the top coin purse area? The bottom one opens for many people, one of mine keeps opening as well so I don't put anything in it. The coin purse clasp should shut though, I think its a good enough reason to exchange.