Does anyone have a problem keeping your checkbook holder inside your ckbk wallet?

  1. I love my Khaki/Silver buckle Soho checkbook wallet, but I cannot keep my checkbook with the matching cover on inside the wallet. I tried to take more stuff out of my wallet, but even when I took out virtually everything, it just barely fits. If I have the bare minimum in the wallet with my checkbook, I cannot snap it shut. I showed it to the SA's at Coach and they just shrugged. Thankfully, I don't usually need to carry a checkbook, so I just leave it at home unless I think I might need it, then I just throw it in my purse separately.

    Does anyone else have this problem? jw

    (If this is my biggest problem in life, then I am fortunate and life must be good!)
  2. Thats so weird. I dont have any problems with mine at all, and I have pretty much a full checkbook at all times because I dont use checks!
  3. This is the wallet that I have, and it was purchased right at the boutique during the last PCE, I don't know why it won't fit, even an almost empty wallet.

  4. Would moving the buckle down a hole help any??

    Maybe you can remove the deposit slips section that are at the back of your checkbook - I rarely use them, I use the ones at the bank counter. That should offer up a little more room. Or insert the checkbook in wallet and leave out the matching checkbook cover....or keep the checkbook and matching cover separate from the wallet.

    If you're still not happy with any of the above options, maybe you can get an exchange... I'd be irked too. I have a vintage Coach long checkbook/coin wallet. The framed portion was much too small to hold alot of coins and I couldn't get bills to lay flat in them either without having to fold them. I wished they took into account the extra 1/4-inch material to accomodate more, etc.
  5. YES!!!! :weird: I have had that same wallet TWICE and it will not snap shut with the checkbook in no matter how little I have in there. :tup: I ended up selling mine but I would just suggest keeping the checkbook out but still in your purse... but it is really frustrating! :tdown:
  6. (If this is my biggest problem in life, then I am fortunate and life must be good!)[/quote]
    :smile::smile: I would just rip out a few checks and leave them in my purse for when I needed them. Because, who wants to lug around a big checkbook that doesn't fit with the wallet?
  7. Beanphd, I have two of those wallets in different colors and I love them, obviously. I basically let my checkbook just float around in my purse alone. If I write a check it comes out to play, if they need my license then I pull out my wallet. It probably sounds like a pain but I just do it that way! I've never had the checkbook holder in my wallet together ever. I have so much stuff in my wallet that it makes it impossible.
    I actually prefer it this way, if you have to show your license then you don't have a checkbook cover flapping over your photo ID all the time. You can just whip it out fast like a Bruce Lee movie (waaa chaaa) and be done with it.:ninja:
    rainrowan had a great idea to remove the deposit slips. I hope you find a happy medium.
  8. I am glad that I am not the only one with this problem, I LOVE my wallet and thankfully I usually only write a check or 2 each month when I am not at home. 99% of the time I use my debit card or pay online, so usually I actually leave it at home. It is rare to go somewhere that doesn't accept CC's these days.

    I would be really upset if it were a few years back when I wrote checks all the time.
  9. Yeah, I just think the main thing is they should be able to make a wallet that is over $200 be able to shut!!! It is frustrating.. I have an all leather wallet from fossil that was $30 that can hold everything and shuts everytime! :push:
  10. I have a Hampton's checkbook that had the same problem - I noticed the fold of the checkbook cover was not equal, one side was a tad bit longer than the other. I had to turn the checkbook cover around and stick the other end inside. It then shut without problems. I also don't carry the register with me - Since my checks are duplicate, I can look up what I wrote/amounts.

    Try this - I really overstuff my wallets and this helped!
  11. you could keep your checkbook inside of a wristlet. but i understand you pay good money for an item and you want/need it to fit you need and demands. I mean it's a wallet it should be able to hold a checkbook.
  12. i have that problem too but not with that one a different one....but i feel your pain....
  13. Why oh why doesn't Coach just make a checkbook COVER?! and not include it in a larger wallet??!! Such a pain - I don't always carry my checkbook and would like a cover for it when i do....then we wouldn't have these issues.

    I think this needs to go in the RANT section:yes:
  14. I have the same one! I'll admit one thing, I cant keep a lot of change in the change part..or it wont close.
    But other then that, I have the card slits filled to the max(some slits have 2 cards!) Behind the slits in that little pocket I have all of my discount cards(Pet-smart, Bestbuy, Blockbuster, Smiths, and about 4 or 5 others). I have my own business cards in the same slot where you put the checkbook holder(about 10 of those). I have both my checkbook and my transaction book in the holder, along with a pen. And like I said in my last post, my checkbook is always full(I think Ive used 2 checks).
    I really would write Coach about this problem. I know I would be pretty pissed if I couldnt close my wallet! Never know what you might get for your rant to Coach;)
  15. I don't always carry my checkbook, I use my wallet separately.