Does anyone have a portefeuille accordeon?

  1. It's the one that has the it too manly looking? Also, for those who own it, does it have 3 lv's in a row or 2?

    Can you tell that I am looking for new things to buy since two of my threads now are "does anyone have..."?
  2. Do you have a pic? I would love to see what it looks like.
  3. here it is, courtesy of eluxury:
  4. Is it a clutch or a wallet? (I am having a Jessica moment here:lol:)
  5. It's under the "wallet" section on elux. I've been wanting to see the inside of this wallet for a while now.

    I hope someone has a pic
  6. i think it is more of a wallet bec the compartments are slim. it's bigger than the pti though - 7.5 x 3.5.
  7. I saw this at the boutique looked more like a clutch to me as it is quite long!
  8. hey windykat, do you remember if it had 2 lvs in the row in front or 3?
  9. what's rakuten? is it an authentic japanese vuitton auction site?
  10. *jazzybelle* has one of these... I've emailed her with the link to your thread. :yes:
  11. thanks!!!
  12. I have one in Damier! I think it's absolutely gorgeous...not masculine at all. :love:

    Here are a few photos. Oh yeah, and I just came from the pool, so don't mind my scantily clad attire in the last one. :lol:
    100_2216.JPG 100_2217.JPG 100_2218.JPG 100_2219.JPG 100_2220.JPG 100_2222.JPG
  13. LOL it's like an ad shot for LV! (all you need is the beach/swimming pool scene behind you.) Thanks for the pictures! What do you do with the chain???
  14. I hook it around my wrist. :graucho: