Does anyone have a picture???

  1. carrying their popincourt, so that I can decide whether to get this bag or not?:sos:
  2. :sos:
  3. Check out the sticky marked thread above called "Visual Aids." The lovely Yeuxhonnetes has taken several pictures of herself carrying her LV's including the Popincourt. Hope that helps!

    Yeuxhonnetes - Hope you don't mind that I referred her to you and your helpful thread!:yes:
  4. Oh wait...I just realized that she has the Popincourt Haut. I don't think that's the one you were looking for. Sorry!!!:Push: :sad:
  5. Platinum - The popincourt with short handles? If thats the one, yes, i have one, will post pic later!
  6. Thanks ladies, this bag isn't for me, don't get me wrong the shape is cute but I need a little bit more purse.
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