Does anyone have a picture of the new blue-grey bags?

  1. Everyone keeps talking about this color on the forum. All I've seen is the swatch (which looks lovely), but I'm wondering whether anyone has seen a bag IRL. If so, what would you compare it to?
  2. Oooohhhhh -- very pretty!! Thanks Cate22!
  3. No problem!! I love this color, too and am debating to get it in a twiggy. ;)
  4. I think it would look great in the twiggy. I was sort of thinking of getting it in the first.
  5. Is there a place where I can see all the new F/W 2006 styles (with their dimensions) that are mentioned in the above-referenced thread? They show a "part time" style ... I'm curious about the dimensions of that one compared to the City.

    Why do we have all these preview pics of the blue-grey, but not the Grenat/Oxblood? :cry:
  6. You can e-mail Luisa Via Roma for a pdf file of the new bags. It has the grenat and oxblood colors shown on different bags, and also the dimensions of each style.
  7. Thanks - I just sent the email - can't wait to see the Grenat! :smile:
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