does anyone have a picture of the light gold reissue?

  1. I got dark silver, but now i am thinking I want to return it or sell it on eBay.
  2. Is this the gold you are talking about?
    gold Chanels.jpg
  3. yeah! thanks so much!

    is it that, um... yellow(?) in real life?

    the dark silver is just too elusive for me.
  4. I saw it..didnt like it much...
  5. It's really that yellow. Very garish IRL. I think there was a rose/copper gold also...
  6. You got the dark silver? I'd keep the dark silver - it's gorgeous. The gold is just too much like gold foil.
  7. I totally agree mon, it's gorgeous. But the ambiguous color of it makes me feel like I would be limited to only using it with casual clothes, etc. -- I wouldn't know what color shoes to wear with a solid color dress, for example -- silver? gold?

    and because the size I ordered was 225, I'm not sure it would be good for a day-to-day casual bag.

    hmmmmmmm... decisions decisions.

    (agree on the gold though, I think that is not quite the thing I'm looking for.)
  8. OMG!
    the dark silver the BEAUTIFUL!
    What a stunning bag you have!
  9. I think you should keep the dark silver :smile: It's a beautiful bag, and you might find more uses for it than you think, since the color is complex and so pretty! I generally love most metallics, but I thought the light gold reissue was too loud/yellow a gold for a whole lotta bag! I think the dark gold is very pretty though, and if I'm not mistaken, I saw a side by side comparison of the dark gold v. the dark silver on tpf posted by someone who had both, and they were quite similar. Good luck deciding! :smile:

  10. I don't worry much about matching my shoes to my bag, just try to coordinate colors, not color match necessarily.