Does anyone have a picture of Aubergine Zoe?

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  1. OMG - I JUST CALLED THE NIAGARA Canada STORE and I have a Zoe on hold (paid in advance). My DH and I decided to make the 6 hour trip there from Ottawa this weekend, so I thought I'd call ahead just to make sure that I have something I love there for me when I arrive.

    She was describing the different ones they had, and this one sounded gorgeous - Aubergine Jacquard??!!

    Does anyone have a picture? I'll try to hunt one down myself too.

    I'M SO VERY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I've heard that it is gorgeous! Congrats!
  3. look under the Zoe club..come admire and join thread. It is the first pic listed
  4. It's gorgeous, I looked up some other pics as well. It's so different and such a unique color. I seriously almost hyperventilated I'm so excited about this. It's absurd, it's only a purse, right? I'm not sure if I was this excited when I bought my new BMW. :nuts:

    I was going to have my boss pick it up for me as he is going to NF next week too, but I kept looking at all the other adorable things you girls buy there like keychains and charms and wallets, and I decided that I have to go and see for myself.

    And you never know, maybe I will see a purse I like even better, although I can't imagine that, this one looks TDF. But I wasn't this excited about the Ali at the store. I always liked it, but I looked at it at least 5 times, and if had truly loved it, I would have bought it by now. I always wanted a Carly, and the Zoe is very similar, and from some of the reviews I read, many people like it just as much or even more.

    Can't wait to post a pic when I'm back!!

    BTW, I found the SAs were very, very nice and helpful over the phone. She walked around the store describing the purses to me and explaining the details and everything, I was very impressed. And I could tell there must have been 500 people there - you could hear the humming and excitment in the background. So I was pleasantly surprised that she took the time to help me out over the phone.

    Oh boy, I'm rambling aren't I? Sorry, it's the EXCITEMENT!!!!

  5. I have not seen it but it does sound yummy.
  6. I do not know which one it is but it sound awesome
  7. Here is my Large ZOE in Aubergine....I LOVE her!!! The color is rich and beautiful!!

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  8. #8 Jul 15, 2009
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    I have *** medium one.

    I'll see if I can put up a picture

    ***y are in my album.

    Why is it typing *** for t h e

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  9. I have a medium aubergine Zoe and I LOVE her! She was my first Zoe. :biggrin: I don't have any solo pics of her, but I do have a pic of her with some of my other purses (she's right in the middle!):