Does Anyone Have A Picture Of An Ocean Blue Bag With GGH?

  1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone has a picture of the Ocean Blue with GGH? Maybe a Marine Blue with GGh also? I think I want a Blue bag! Thanks!:yahoo:
  2. Have you checked out the EB with GGH or GSH?? The color is to die for! Gorgeous color and I had to have one. I like the EB color better than Ocean or Marine blue.
  3. Thank You! I love the Ocean, Marine and the Electric Blue!!
  4. I have an Ocean and an EB, but both with RH, however, I will say the EB really POPS with GSH!! Yummy!!
  5. There's an ocean with GSH on I have attached their photos for your reference.

    Hmm... for some reason they're not showing. Go to their website directly then.
    shim-1.gif shim.gif
  6. I bet EB with GGH is stunning in person based on the pics I have seen.
  7. I have forgotten how beautiful an Ocean colour is :girlsigh: