does anyone have a pic of themselves with the lesportsac tokidoki "bella" purse?

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  1. I really want to purchase either the "bella" or "bella bella" but I'm not sure how the sizing is.. and there aren't any places around me that I can go to check them out. I'd really appreciate it if someone could post a picture of themselves with the purse! Thanks so much ladies!
  2. Good luck trying to find one! They are SUPER hot hot hot!
    You can barely find them in any stores. The company is sold out. And from what I have heard they are not shipping anymore. They are available on Ebay but much over retail. They are similiar to the Gwen Stefani Lesportsac. Those bags are highly coveted and rare and go for big bucks online. Relatively speaking the prices on ebay now are a steal for what they are going to eventually go for in the near future.
    Good luck finding one, they are super cute!
  3. I've just purchased on ebay the Stellina messenger, but sincerly I've paid it much much more than on official website....but I had no choice, the colelction is sold out and in my country is not sold....
  4. They have one white and one black at the aritzia i shop at. its the bella bella version i beleive...for $180CDN. Its a pretty decent sized bag and would look good on anybody imo.
  5. just a heads up....that bag is now available on

    you can see how it fits on the model in the pics.