Does anyone have a pic of them and their bocce?

  1. Orrr a bocce next to other bags? Thanks a lot, haha, I'm bidding on one on eBay, and I'm still a little iffy about it XD Bad decision to jump the gun, but oh well. I love toki ahah~ Thanks!
  2. Here's a pic of a bocce between a Zucca and a Bambino. Hope it helps. It's a small bag.
  3. angelic ruin: u have my perfect inferno zucca!! cept i'd like the vampire bunnies up a bit more to show the ice cream devil..but ACK so kyoot!
  4. I know I was quite fortunate to find it with my perfect print preference.:yes: I love how the tree is centered but with enough room to fit Adios brushing his teeth.:tup:
  5. haha now u make me want an inferno zucca again..i saw a perfect one on eBay a while back but i forgot about the auction and it ended for hella cheap too! x.x
  6. You've got both ipod devil girls on your zucca!! I love it!! I still want an Inferno zucca with my perfect or near perfect placement... :yes:
  7. Thanks for the pic! It's not as small as I pictured (thankfully) but still awfully cute. I think having a little bag to carry around by your hand would be sweet for like... certain occasions.
  8. It's definitely small, but I use it when I go to Disneyland/world because it fits just the necessities of a cellphone, a few credit cards, some cash, etc. I like it because I can wrap it around my wrist. I'm not much of a fan of the canguro, so a hands-free bag isn't to my taste and I don't like carrying a lot of bag with me in an amusement park, which makes this perfect. It's also nice because you can easily drop it into a larger bag, say the zucca or stellina. That being said, since I only use it on occasion, I only own one bocce.
  9. ooooh a bag good for disneyland..ok yes must invest in a bocce...yah i made the mistake of carrying my paradiso zucca to big...n hence is how i lost our park tickets cuz i would always be rummaging through the bag. x.x
  10. I don't really have use for bigger bags since I don't carry much around with me anyway - and I don't go out that much, either~ So I think a bocce would be great! All I'd be putting in it would be a wallet, cellphone, keys, and a little handheld mirror, so I think it works out great! :smile:
  11. Just a warning it would have to be a small wallet. Not even the denaro fits in the bocce. Something like a Coach mini skinny would fit, but that's about as large a wallet as you're going to fit in a bocce.
  12. Mmm, that's stinky D: The denaros are a little big, though... I think I'll be able to find something, if just no wallet at all =/ Oh well.