Does anyone have a pic of the Langford?

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  1. Hi
    Didn't make it to York yesterday and didn't phone the outlet back to ask them to hold the pebble mabel ( figured if it was meant to be it would be there when and if I go there) also wasn't sure if they could.
    I did ask the lovely SA what else she had and she mentioned that there was lots of lovely things in at the moment , mentioned Choc bays, patent bays , lots of things in bright colours - fuschia bay? . I asked if she had anything in Oak and she mentioned a Langford - can you help me out with a pic ?
    PS Been thinking about the pebble all night .....Arghh !!! What do the outlets charge for delivery , anyone know ?
  2. Oh sounds lovely the stock that they have in at the minute!

    It generally costs around £7.50 (I think that is what I was charged last time by Bicester) they sent via UPS.
  3. think sugarspice has a langford
  4. Do you mean the Langham??[​IMG]
  5. I just love the Langham (baby sister to the Hanover).
  6. Hi Ltd.ed, just pop in to say hello before i go out. So you are sticking to your original 'natural' theme after all, that's great! Can't wait to see your final choice.
  7. Blimey if it's an oak Langham, grab it as they don't come up v often.
  8. they've also got a choc one, at either Bicester or Shepton when I was phoning around (as well as a Rivington) larger but with 2 pockets.
  9. I think Langford is a messenger bag with a canvas strap. Two pockets outside with buckle closure...?
  10. I wonder how much the Langhams were. As for Langford, what is wrong with Mulberry.... don't they understand we get confused by bags with a similar name?
  11. Thanks guys for the info and piccies ! May have been the Langham , the SA said it was lovely and slouchy with the same sort of size handle as the mable - definitely wasn't a messenger.
    Bagcrazy is that two different sizes in the pic - if so what size are they - just so I can check with the SA.
    DH flatly refused to visit York today but did take me shopping in Town and got me a new charm for my Pandora bracelet.
  12. The SA quoted £267 I think , tbh wasn't totally concentrating after she mentioned the Pebble Mabel ( which was £415 )
    She also mentioned they had outlet versions of the Roxanne , apparently without the feet on the bottom ?? These were £450 ish
  13. Sorry! I remembered wrong! The one I was thinking of was the Litchfield :smile:. I get confused with all these names... :smile:!
  14. The choc Rivingtons have been in the outlets forever. They just can't seem to shift them.
  15. Any pics of the Rivington SJ ?