Does anyone have a pic of the grey patent..

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  1. Hi girls , can't find a pic of the normal grey patent Mulberry Bays or Mabel..Anybody have one??
  2. I think it is Pixelkitten who owns a grey patent Bays, lucky girl ... and a pebble Mabel. There is a picture of them both somewhere. Unfortunately I can't remember which thread.
  3. grey patent bays is gorgeus...:drool:
  4. ^^^ Just want to second that I love the patent you already know.
  5. Thanks Girls . It was all in the name or research . As you know I've wanted a piccadilly for ages and there is a grey patent one in the outlet , however they couldn't tell me if it was the grey or Bentley grey . It turns out it's more like Bentley grey ,I have that already and if I bought this I would sell the bays....