Does anyone have a pic carrying a Baggy PM?

  1. I love this bag but I haven't seen it in person yet. Is it a medium size? The pleaty is the small, right? And the GM is the large?

  2. yes, please post pics w/ it on if you have it!
  3. Any pic of it IRL would be great...thx
  4. Sorry, no pic yet - I have the new fuschia one and my friend (who is tall) has the denim one. We both love it - roomy, 2 zippered compartments - and the small pockets on front. One of my favorites, along the the Manhatten pm
  5. Thank you SO much! I absolutely love that bag! I think I need it:love: , lol!!! It looks larger than I thought, too. Very nice and thx again!
  6. Thanks for that info! I love the small pockets in the front, what do u have in yours? Is that big enough for a cell phone or no?
  7. thanks for sharing your pics!
  8. I have it. I'll take a pic tonight and post. I love it! I didn't get teh pleaty as it was too small and didn't have a zip - things could fall out with me!
  9. YES! Def post a pic!
  10. Ok- that's tonight Aust time so check tomorrow your time...
  11. here the pic's......,;)
    img10151830427.jpg lv-ba060428-4-7.jpg
  12. The Baggy PM looks stunning, I want one...... I can't decide what color to get? I bought the baggy pleaty-in green. It is really cute and I love it but I don't know if I should get another green denim. I love the blue and pink. I wear jeans almost everyday so the blue would be great but I think the pink you can dress up. Too many decisions.
  13. I LOVE THOSE!!!:love: Thank you for sharing your pics, ladies!!!