Does anyone have a pic - Barenia???

  1. Hi girls.....I am desperately seeking a picture of a Birkin or Kelly in Barenia leather......I know what the leather looks like, but there has been so much talk about full bags done in this gorgeous leather that I'm now DESPERATE to see one!!

    Any help is appreciated!!!:smile: :flowers:
  2. Hi Kristie, here are some pics of a 35cm Birkin in Barenia Naturel :flowers:

    Source: eBay
    08_1_sbl.jpg 54_1_sbl.jpg f9_1_sbl.jpg e9_1_sbl.jpg
  3. Ok....I'm totally loving this bag......oh wow. :wtf:

    That is orgasm in the form of a bag, I do I see what all the fuss is about......WOW!!!!!

    So I take it IF you could get one, it would be $$$$$$$ - no?
  5. K, I think I remember this one on eBay and it was BIG bucks....can't remember exactly but I DO remember being a little....taken aback!
  6. figures.....
  7. I remembered seeing a pre-owned but MINT 30cm Barenia birkin for sale by this reputable seller "fancydiamond" on ebay about 3 years ago, she had it relisted a few times, the price drop from 6k down to 5k !!

    I guess at that time no one was really interested in Barenia, and I had it in my watchlist for so long, and still let it go, because I wasn't sure about the leather.... and now they don't make it anymore, it made me want it even more !!!!! Arrghhhh :hysteric::rant:
  8. Kristie, these are YUUUMMM but SOOOOOOO heavy. Way heavier than Togo.
    Personally, I'd choose a Barenia/Toile combo because I can't do very heavy bags. :smile:
  9. really?? ohh....good to know, GT!!

    Mind you, I CANNOT get another bag for about 1 year at least, after the vert and the no Barenia for me!!
  10. Do you like the Barenia/toile Birkins or Kellys? I think they're so classic!!!
  11. The Barenia looks somewhat untreated, and just tanned..? Am I looking at this right...?
  12. from what i remeber it is soaked in oil for over 2 years before being processed
  13. oh yes!! you know I just love the combo bags!!
  14. come on my heart sister ! i lovebarenia denim or the classic barenia toile combos (but make it gold hardware then) :wlae:
  15. yes!! we really must be separated twins - except I'm only 5'6".......:lol: same dark hair/pale skin, though!!!!

    the barenia/denim is GORGEOUS!