Does anyone have a perforated flap?

  1. I just saw some yesterday and absolutely loooove them. Just wanted to see if anyone had one and how they liked it.
  2. i just got one from Saks in the east west. i love it. it's so cute.
  3. I have a white jumbo one and I love it, even though i haven't used it yet:sad:
  4. i want one soo bad :sad:
  5. I just got the perforated white jumbo from Saks today and LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I got a red perforated flap in east west, and I love it. It's so cute.
  7. I want the red perfo soo bad.. Unfortunately, it's not available anymore here in Hong Kong and i'm broke! :sad:
  8. they are cute but not my style :p
  9. I have the red jumbo perforated flap and I love it. I think it is lambskin , but for some reason it doesn't seem to mark as badly as the lambskin bags.

    I remember some people saying that the perforations take in and show the dirt more, but I have used mne every day for the last 6 weeks and it doesn't seem to have done so.

    I adore mine, and would definately recommend getting one.
  10. I saw these for the first time yesterday; not only in the flaps but in larger totes (where only part is perforated). I have to say, it's a nice look depending on the color. It's odd, but some shades look great with those little holes and others look just "eh". I also think it makes the flaps look a bit more casual. Enjoy your bags ladies!!
  11. i have the perforated flap in black and i love it!!
  12. I tried on the white one and its SOOOOO CUTE!
  13. I received the white one as a gift in Feb but have yet to use it....