does anyone have a "part time" yet

  1. Hello girls,:flowers:

    does anyone have or seen a "part time" as yet??

    I am interested in how it compares in size to the city and the work.
    I have a first which is great for weekends and quick outings but wanted to get a bigger bag fpr work and longer trips. I have pre ordered a part time and a city...but now I am thinking I should change the city order to a work order...I am so confused.:sad:

    I would love any advice you could give me (BTW I am 5ft 6" and curvaceous..) ;)

  2. How important is the shoulder strap to you? I think the Part Time has a shoulder strap, whereas the Work does not.
  3. orchids- omg thats so cute! i didnt realize thats why it was called the part-time... half the work! :roflmfao: at least Bal has a sense of humor over there! *giggles*
  4. From the dimensions that one of the girls and Bal NY gave me, the Part-Time is an inch shorter than the City and about three inches wider, and it has the shoulder strap. They describe it as half the size of the Work, but it really seems only a couple of inches shorter to me. More b-bag confusion! Can't wait to see one, though! I wish Bal NY had ordered some in the blue-grey!
  5. thanks everyone..

    off to get my trusty tape measure and make a paper mock up to get an idea.

    according to Cult status here in perth the part time wont arrive until the end of August/early still a bit of a wait..

    hope its worth it!!

  6. more time to save $$$ for that part time:girlsigh:
  7. totally agree!!! the waiting is all worth it!!! :wlae:

  8. Hahaha I DO THAT TOO!! :roflmfao: Especially when I'm thinking about getting new wallets and small accessories. I like to make mock ups and then put them in my bag to try it for size. :idea: Hope we're not the only ones :girlsigh:
  9. I'm another mock-upper.:roflmfao:
  10. ha ha ha...:roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I am a classic mock -upper..

    things I have mocked -up in my life time...

    the size my first puppy would get too..(rhodesian ridgeback!!) big dog..had to make sure he would fit into my apartment...

    handbags - various ones including chloe paddy, balenciaga & Chanel
    wallets - as above

    sofa and dining room table- had to make sure they fit in my Dinning/lounge room

    a twin pram - I had baby #2 and #3 only 15 months apart so had to make sure the pram would fit into the car boot

    hubbys BMW motorbike- had to make sure we had room for it in the garage next to the two cars and the pram :P (this one was a hard one..we used the cardboard box the pram came in ...he he he)

    god i hope it isnt contagious !!

  11. lol - Mrs Mac, how do yu mock up a pram?
  12. LOL mrsmac another mock-upper here:happydance: we B lovers sure have lots in common:drinkup:
  13. Also guilty of the cardboard bbag cut out......
  14. LOL you even mocked-up your dog? :roflmfao: I mock up small accessories and I thought I was bad! :lol: When it comes to furniture, I usually only make a small scale mock-up of the room & furnitures, not full-sized ones :yes: