does anyone have a parioli?

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  1. looking for opinions on it. i really want a damier piece and i'm thinking about getting one. thanks!
  2. I have one and I like the size of it. It is very structured - great for work. But because it is structured, sometimes I feel that it is too stiff. The closure is magnetic and the opening is not that wide so at times it is hard to get stuff in and out. I do get compliments on it all the time.
  3. interesting. i like the size. i have a bh and i love it. hmm...
  4. Had one and sold it - the bag was too narrow and deep, it made getting things out of it a pain, especially with the stiff magnetic closure. Good looking bag, though.
  5. I have a Parioli and ditto what maxiemoo is very structured. I love it for work because of the structure and capacity, and sometimes for shopping because of the long shoulder straps. The magnetic closure is really neat and handy, but the narrow opening can make it a little tough to get in and out of easily. I get lots of compliments on it, I guess because you don't see it on the street very often. All in all, I love my Parioli and would buy it again. Hope this helps!
  6. I've got a Parioli, and I love it! Very useful for work and shopping trips as it's light and you can put heaps in there. my laptop can even slip in easy!
  7. I tried it on when I was looking for a Damier piece. I loved the shape and the length of the straps, but it was too stiff and structured for me. I actually went with a Navona (like the Pochette) and the Mono Ellipse. (LOL which is also structured, but it was a piece I always loved).
  8. I considered the Parioli and tried it on in the store. I like the look of it a lot, and I thought the magnetic closure would be really handy. But it was very stiff and actually took quite a bit of effort to open. Also as others have said the opening is narrow. Plus, I also found the top corners of the bag very pointy, and they would stab at my arm! The SA even told me that she had customers return the Parioli for all of those reasons. I decided on a Chelsea instead, which I love. But each bag has its fans -- as always the best thing to do it to try it on at the boutique if possible. Good luck with your decision!
  9. Oh No!! My Parioli arrives from E-Lux tomorrow sure hope that I made the right decision.:flowers:
  10. thanks everyone! i think i would like a damier speedy or chelsea better. i dreamt last night about a damier bh (after someone posted a photoshopped one)- i would LOVE that! do you think lv would make it?
  11. Agree! Lovely shape and all but not functional for me.
  12. I had one and liked it. Decided to sell it for a Chelsea. Love the Chelsea!
  13. I don't have one but was I thinking it would make a great hassle free work bag to carry papers and stuff - no vachetta to worry about. Then I changed my mind and want the damier uzes for work instead. ( this one doesn't clasp at the top though so security might be an issue for some people.)
  14. I have a Parioli that I use for work and I love it. I have no problems with the handles going off my shoulder. I have tried the Saleya, but I opted for this one because of its size, shape and functionality. I dont think the opening is narrow at all. It is perfect for work.
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