Does anyone have a Nocturne GM bag??

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  1. Does anyone have a LV Nocturne GM bag?? I just bought the bag in Lilac and wanted to know if anyone know how much it went for in USD?? the seller said it was 1000 dollars?? I'm wondering if it's true? got it for 620 with shipping, reasonable?

    selling my Epi Dinard in Lilac...anyone interested?
  2. yup, the bag i got was a FAKE. SO pissed off. grrr buyers beware of this seller on eBay
  3. I never seen this style before. Sorry that it's a fake. :sad:
  4. I'm going to go cry now....

  5. are you sure its fake? There is a picture of one in my LV "bible"..if you want i can scan the pic for you.
  6. yeah, my cousin has the real one and its smaller in size. the fake is soo much bigger. yeah. send me some pics...thanks....
  7. did u have anymore info on the bag??? like the price retail??
  8. I don't have that bag...but what happened? how have you determined that it's fake? (i thought she's a MPRS):amazed:
  9. I hope this helps.. it does have measurements listed also..I'm sorry if your bag really is fake though..that blows!! lv4.jpg
  10. !! I have read comments on this forum that this seller is legit!! how disappointing...
  11. Why don't you take it to the Vuitton store and have them look at it.
  12. Could hers be the MM or PM version, because they would be smaller than the GM model?
  13. ^^^I was about to post the same thing.
  14. lol - great minds.....;)
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