Does anyone have a Mulberry Rosemary?

  1. I am contemplating purchasing a cream and brown Rio and just wanted to know how it carries IRL. How big is it in relation to other bags? Do you love it? Should I wait for a Roxanne? is it too small? I just dumped a Kooba Frankie because it was too small to me.

    Please help, I am kvetching over here!

    Thanks in advance...:yes:
  2. It's pretty small. I have the Rosemary in Oak Darwin. The straps and buckles seem pretty fussy on this small a scale - I suspect the Roxanne carries off the fussiness better because it's larger.

    I have the shoulder strap at the longest it can go, and it's about a 10.5-11" drop. The hand-carry handles are only about a 5" drop.

    The Rosemary "feels" smaller than my LV Epi Speedy 25 because it tapers towards the top. (I packed my Speedy away for the winter, so I'm not looking at them side-by-side.)

    I think the Rosemary is a really cute bag, but it's on the smaller side.

  3. Aaargh! I wish I had checked this post before ordering it from NR. It's non refundable. Oh well, If it is too small I will just eBay it I suppose.

    Thanks for your response!