Does anyone have a Mono-mini wallet?

  1. I am thinking that a monogram Mini Tresor wallet in cherry would be a nice wallet that would match all my bags. Does anyone have a wallet from this collection? Do you like it? Is it durable? I had a cherry blossem tresor wallet but I sold it because I was scared to use it (for fear that the print would fade). Is LV still d/c this line?
  2. I have a mono mini bag (it's the dark blue on light blue) and the fabric gets FILTHY.
    To be honest, I'd never get a mono mini wallet because it's fabric and not canvas. I don't think that it could take the kind of beating that canvas can, being tossed around and switched bag to bag. JMO.
  3. Ooh, that is good to know. $530 on a wallet that would get beat up quickly is sinful! Thank you for the info!
  4. Very usefull info. I was about to buy Marjorie in beige, because the whole line is discontinued. Well, I have to think again...:amuse:
  5. The TST I would feel safe with as a wallet, but you need to treat any Mono Mini gently.
  6. I have the pti in black with creamish lvs mino mono. I love it! It's actually my favorite and it matches my other bags so its versatile.

    I use it everyday and its not even actally looks new for 6 mos of wear. I am not the type to abuse my belongings and I take really good care of my items. So, I guess its personal preference. Good luck in your decisions...
  7. The cottonish canvas just doesn't justify its price for me...gets dirty way too easily ( I don't own one, but just knowing the type of fabric tells me its trouble)
  8. The fabric on my bag is the original mono mini.
    From what I've heard the TST is treated so maybe it wears better?
  9. i bought the mini monogram josephine pm when it came out and i believe the canvas is treated. my bag gets pretty dirty on the outside cuz i use it quite often (its the perfect size for me) and i find that with a little soap and a damp cloth, it drys perfectly.
  10. I have the Mini Mono billfold in Cherry and the PTI in dark blue, personally, the one in Cherry gets dirtied easily so I am ultra stressed when I bring her out but I love the fact that they have the coin compartment built inside the billfold.

    The PTI is GREAT because it's not as obvious as the cherry one even if it does get stains, it's just not as obvious as the other one and the wear doesn't show as much too!