Does Anyone have a MJ Hobo ?

  1. I am thinking of getting a MJ hobo, either the one with the pushlock in the front or the quilted one. They seem like great functional pieces! Does anyone have dimensions of these? I am fairly new so would like to learn more. Also, any chance of showing some pics of them?

    Thank you in advance!
  2. Do you mean the quilted Banana hobo? And the soft calf hobo? I had the banana hobo for a while and I really liked that bag a lot. I know some members here have the soft calf hobo and liked that bag too. The only complaint I heard about the banana hobo is that the zipper opening is small. As for the soft calf, that doesn't have a zipper closure, only the pushlock.
  3. Hi,
    Yes i am talking about those two bags. I thought the pushlock was only on the shoulder strap for decoration look and a zipper opening? I tried to look for some pics on eBay but it was hard to see. I am debating the two as i would love a hobo for everyday. Just not sure which one to get :smile: