Does anyone have a MJ elise?

  1. If anyone does, can someone show me a pic of you holding the bag. THanks
  2. bump
  3. i don't have one, but i want one soooooo bad. if you do a search on the boards at for 'jacobs elise' there's a thread that has a pic of a girl with hers.
  4. Thanks amanda.
  5. I have the chalk Elise. I'm at work now (probably shouldn't be on the purse forum...) but I can post a pic later...
  6. Sorry..KylieReese, I no longer have that bag (returned it, too small for ME) but here is a pic of it in my MJacob Collection, maybe you can compare it with the other bags (hopefully you're familar with the other bag sizes). The Elise is a beautiful bag BTW, if was alittle bigger (obsessed with big bags) I wouldn't have returned it! The leopard Blake is the smallest bag I own, I only got it because I love leopard prints and it was 70% off!
    (4) Marc Jacobs Collection.JPG
  7. Well it doesn't look so small in the photos - but it's not as roomy inside as my other bags. Sorry for the crappy photo quality...I lowered the pixels so I didn't have to use photobucket.
    IMG_4002.JPG IMG_4004.JPG
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