Does anyone have a mini Mia Maggie?

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  1. I need a lil bag for date nights, etc that will hold a phone, makeup, I'd... and wondering if this will work or is it just silly looking? Does anyone have one or tried one on IRL? I like the gray ocelot.

    Thanks, gals!
  2. x2
  3. I was close to buying the Mini Maggie but it's awkward to carry over the shoulder so I opted for the mini Julia.
  4. i tend to carry bags on my wrist, so it might work for me, hmm... :thinking:
  5. I really like the look of them and think it would be perfect for a night out for the items you mentioned.
  6. I use madison top handle pouch everyday.
    ex : picking up my daughter or going to the gym.
    Just mini skinny with car key and phone.
    I have top handle right next to my big bag on the table. side by side.
    Just before I leave home, I pick up the key and the phone and TH pouch. that's it!!
    and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

    I have the OCELOT MINI MAGGIE and i am using it now. (was using IKAT TOP HANDLE POUCH until then)

    It is little big bigger than top handle pouch but not by far.

    For short outing... like going to the movie only etc.. this is a great bag.
    at least for me.
  7. I just recently picked up the Madison Clover Print Top Handle Pouch and use it as my everyday bag. It's small, cute and gets the job done!

    I was originally looking at the mini mia ocelot too and ended up going with the larger version of it as it was more comfortable.
  8. Would any of you ladies be so kind as to post a modelling pic?
  9. I did see these cute little bags when I picked up my sophia! They are too small for me,but my 10yr.old dd loved the ocelot one:smile:If you can carry a small bag like this, I say go for it..I think it would be perect for a night out once in awhile!