Does Anyone Have A Mini Accessories Pochette?

  1. I got a promotion recently, and we all know what that means ;)

    I love the look of a Mini Accessories Pochette clipped on the outside of a Speedy (probably from hanging out around elux so much, since they show a Damier Azur set up like this on the front page of the lv boutique). And since my Mono Speedy 25 is getting lonely, I'm thinking about getting a little Pochette to keep it company! I'm also ready to stop using my Coach Wristlet, which I take out with me. I usually just throw my id, card and iphone inside it, and was wondering if the mini would be useful for this. They seem similarly sized...

    My only problem is that my town has yet to get an LV boutique, and I don't feel like driving to LA for such a small purchase. Does anyone have one? Pictures? Thoughts?

    For some reason I can't press the buy now button without you guys :shame:
  2. Hi, I have the Trunks and Bags one and I find it very useful for bringing around the essentials (for me: chapstick, cellphone, id, money and keys). I've brought it out partying before and it's a great size that holds everything I need while not getting in the way. During the warmer months I bring it out a lot by itself. My friend has the azur mini pochette and she uses it inside her bigger bags on a daily basis and to parties too.

    So, what I'm trying to say is: go for it!
  3. I have the azur mini pochette that I use on the outside of my azur speedy 25 and just adore the mini! It's great by itself too, and holds an amazing amount. It's also nice as a little cosmetic case. So many great uses, you can't go wrong... you should get a promotion present, you worked hard for it!:woohoo:
  4. It seems like you guys are using it for exactly what I would like to use it for! I am starting to really think that I need to get it!

    I'm still wavering a bit on the button, but I think I might need to do it.
  5. I used to have one and sold it. I kept my camera in it and then I used it for makeup. Now I use too much makeup, so it was too small for me.
  6. I keep my T&B in my purse at all times! I love it!
  7. They're a great size to just pop inside a larger purse, or to take out alone for a night out. I have several and love the new T&B design!
  8. i own the mini azur pochette and use it to hold my makeup and other misc stuff in my bigger bags. it's a great buy!
  9. I have 2: Trunks and Bags and Azur. I love them! I use one to store my Video Ipod and the other to store cards, receipts, pills, etc. They are a wonderful size and hold quite a lot. I actually use them more than my regular sized accessory pouch. Definitely a great buy!!!
  10. I use to have the mini in both mono and damier and sold them both! Now I wish I had one of them!
  11. i;ve trunk mini pochette and used a wallet for my jeans back pocket:tup:
  12. That's a great idea! Looks great on you!

    I just got the mono mini pochette and love it! It holds my nano, jump drive, pill case and bottle of lotion. Once you see it IRL, you'll buy it! It is the cutest thing, esp. with the chain!
  13. Did it ever come in damier?
  14. i have two of them too....

    one of each in Mono and Azur! =D love 'em!
  15. yes, damier mini pochette, but not T&B