Does anyone have a mandy & a shoulder bag

  1. I am looking for comparison pics of the 2 bags. I have the Mandy and I am *thinking* it may be a little big for me. I also am eyeing the Shoulder bag-It apperas to be the smaller version of a Mandy. So does anyone have both these bags? And would you mind posting pics of the 2 together, wearing them, and maybe the inside? I have searched here and did not see any pics with both of them. Any help is appreciated.
    I love the Mandy, but I keep thinking maybe the other bag is the one I need-ugh, I hate not being able to see these irl. :crybaby:
    I am mainly wanting to know about the shoulder bag-how heavy it is, what it can hold, how does it sit on the shoulder, is it a good everyday bag, etc. Any info hopefully will help. I *really* want to get the shoulder bag too.
  2. I just bought a shoulder bag this past weekend in the new legacy camel color. See picture on left. Its a great bag. Its not too heavy for an all leather bag since its smaller in size. The sig was just slightly lighter in weight but not much. I do have modeling pics on my recent thread. I think the thread is still on the first page. I'm 5'10" for reference. The drop length is good and slightly adjustable. I have my bag on the last hole of the buckle. It is a great everyday bag, thats what I bought mine for as well. ...not too big but not small either. The Mandy is too big/heavy for me to be an:yes: everyday bag. The leather is yummy. It seems a little stiff right now, but will soften and break in as time goes by and will be even MORE comfortable. Love it!
  3. i have the 06 whiskey shoulder bag and she is the perfect size for me. for reference i am 5'4". great drop length, holds a good amount. i sometimes want the mandy, but that bag is just too heavy for me, though it holds a ton. what kind of stuff do you carry around?
  4. Really I do not carry much. A full size wallet, a checkbook, a few bills, cell phone, mini skinny, receipts(lots of these-they always just get stuck in there) the usual junk. The Mandy just seems like I have way too much extra room. So if I were to put this in a shoulder bag would I still have a little extra room or is it pretty much full?
  5. When I was at the boutique last week drooling over the new shoulder bag, the SA encouraged me to fill it with my stuff and try it on for awhile. I emptied all my stuff from my med Carly into the shoulder with plenty of room to spare. It's a great size, wasn't too heavy, and had perfect drop length. Sorry I don't have any Mandy info to help you compare.
  6. ok....I have sunnies in one of the side pockets, my cell in the other pocket, an ergo french wallet, 2 diapers, thin packet of wipes(for my youngster not me! LOL) , gum, small lotion, hand santizer and checkbook. In the zipper pocket I have a small tylenol bottle, pen and lipstick. In the outside pocket I have my keys. I STILL have room in my purse for more. Its barely full. Hope this helps to give you an idea of the size. What other Coach bags do you have? Maybe I can compare them size wise to the shoulder bag.
  7. If you are trying to compare the two, I'm guessing you are looking at the 2006 Legacy shoulder, with the 2 flaps? I don't have a Mandy, but here is a with my Legacy shoulder. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bag and it is the perfect everyday bag. I don't feel it is heavy in the least. I'm 5'4 for reference:
  8. Oh...also, here is a pic of what I currently have inside, not including the front flaps, which I mainly use for receipts and tissues!

  9. Here are some pics that may help (sorry no modeling pics!)

    The 06 Legacy Shoulder Bag is my all-time favorite bag...I have it in whiskey, brown, and pond. Mandy holds more, but she weighs more to begin with. Ali has the perfect drop and holds a bit more, but she also weighs more. If I'm going to be carrying my bag all or even most of the day, the Legacy shoulder bag is my go-to girl.

    I fill her front pockets and the rear zip is used for tissues, pens, receipts, etc. Pictured is a medium sunglass case...when I use the larger case, she's pretty stiff inside with all of her contents. I like my things to be able to move a bit, hence, I bought Mandy (then my contents SWAM in I got my Alis) Hope this helps!
    mandy vs shoulder.jpg mandy vs shoulder2.jpg mandy vs shoulder3.jpg mandy vs shoulder4.jpg mandy vs shoulder5.jpg
  10. I also have one of each: shoulder in Pond, and Mandy in black (but I'm LOVING JB's colors!). the shoulder is a good size for every day - holds all I need and is not too heavy. I tend to really stuff my bags too!

    The Mandy is great also, much larger, and I find that I have more room to spare with this one. I generally use it during the week for work (where I walk into the office, set it down and don't pick it up again until I leave). :p I would not use this on a weekend running errands - it is too heavy. I switch back to the shoulder, ergo, or tote for that.

    I use a wristlet for all my receipts, small papers, etc. it's helps with keeping my mess in order.

    I use the mini for gift cards, membership (costco)/value / discount cards, etc.
  11. wow! You fit a lot into her! :tup: I try not to stuff because I want to see a lot of legacy stripes when I open her. LOL:yes:
  12. I think that's why I use my Legacy stripe accessories with her...I want to see those stripes, too!:yes: If she had just in extra inch to her (going each way: l x w x d)...she'd truly be my one and only!
  13. I agree! I don't have any Legacy accessories.....ummm....hurry up PCE! :nuts:
  14. Wow, you girls really came through! I am loving the shoulder bag. I am looking on eBay for a great deal! Like i said, I have the Mandy, but seems so heavy even when not really full. I took her out to the mall yesterday and was so tired by the time I got done. And I only went to one store! I was gong to exchange the Mandy for a shoulder, but my lovely husband said I should keep it and get the other one too! (He really loves a bargain & I got a great deal on that Mandy) So now off to find my dream bag.
    Oh, and thanks so much for all the pics. I love seeing all your pretty bags. It really helps to see irl pics of them full and you wearing them.
  15. I have the legacy shoulder in rose, and it fits everything I need to carry around on a daily basis. I just bought a mandy in black, not because I needed a bigger bag, just because I love the look of the bag. I will not use it everyday, but can't wait to have the option:smile: