Does anyone have a LV Excursion? q's inside...

  1. Good morning again you cool cats and crazy kittens,

    does anyone have an LV excursion? I know the retail is $650 right now, and that it is technically part of the luggage collection to carry shoes. What i want to know, is:
    does it work as a handbag? does it hold the same amount as a speedy? is the full wrap around zipper a good thing for accessability or do things end up falling out when you unzip it?

    Any opinions at all would be greatly appreciated. I am looking into buying one second hand that is quite a bit beat up. The price vs the condition has me on the fence on this piece.

    Much tpf lvoe,
  2. im going to bump my own thread in hopes that someone has something to add. thanks!
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    could this be moved to the reg lv forum?
  4. thx
  5. at this point, i am sure the answer is "NO", considering I did not get a response, but I am going to bump myself ONE last time, just in case someone has some input on it!
  6. I thought you meant an excursion (ford suv) with LV interior lol
  7. I don't have one but I looked at it on elux and it is actually a great-sized bag (I'm a big bag person). Looks like you can fit a ton in it (maybe even a laptop?) and of course there's the incredibly easy access. It would be a great bag if you use a bunch of smaller cases and bags to keep your smaller items organized so they don't fall out when you open your bag.

    Hey, the Noe was once used for toting champagne bottles and now it is a popular shoulder bag, so why can't you use this as a handbag?

    Great idea! :yes:
  8. god you crack me up
  9. Hello I was thinking about buying the excursion as my first bag and I tought about using it as a city bag, but then i tought the zipper that goes all the way around would become a pain and quite unconfortable also the bag is quite large so when the zip is open at the top is quite stiff and it gets hard to reach what is in the bottom of the bag
    hope that helps
    anyway you should go and try it ;)
  10. I thought it would be good as a gym bag but don't have one sorry can't help
  11. Ford Excursion! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  12. I was eyeing one from a MPRS... I planed to use it as a handbag, I'm pretty sure that would work. Didn't get it in the end :p
  13. i LIKE your attitude!
  14. that is an interesting observation. maybe the bottom would be hard to get to when the bag is only partially open. interesting insight!

  15. Please post pics if you do get it -- I know you will ROCK that bag!! :rochard: