Does ANYONE have a LV Bedford?

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  1. I've found a Bronze Bedford - absolutely beautiful! - at my local thrift store. Should the interior be completely smooth? I got home and flipped out while researching online, bc I found some pictures of a Bedford with an interior keyring-thing. I know internet pics can be sketchy, and I'm also sure some of you own this very bag, soo...

    I've got to act fast - who knows how long it's gonna be there. I actually found an authentic Gange there a few months ago for $40, so I had the salesgirl hide this one for me!

    Help would be greatly appreciated!:idea:
  2. I have one. Yes the interior is smooth and there is a gold hook inside that is meant to hook the LV key/ coin holders. Did the one at the store not have this feature?
  3. YES!
    It did have one, but I thought it didn't look...right, really. Maybe I didn't look hard enough or something.
    The rest of the bag looks amazing, the font looks right, everything.

    Thanks so much!!
  4. Any time, post pics when you get it!!
  5. What hook, are we talking about the D Ring?
  6. the hook inside the bedford. yes it is a D shape.
  7. Sounds like the D ring, I have a bedford as well. Nice find if its real :biggrin:
  8. yeah if it turns out to be real that would be crazy, how would a LV, which cant be that old ( bc she said it was bronze) turn up at a thrift store? I could never imagine giving mine away.
  9. For $40 its worth it even if its not authentic.
  10. Thrift store is like a treasure hunt... great find!!
  11. Ok girls...

    I jumped on it...

    It cost $90...

    I went to NM....

    And had it authenticated!

    HELL YEAH - 2 for 2! I officially love thrift stores :nuts:

    I'll post pictures tonight!
  12. oh wow i cant wait to see the pics - you got a steal . happy xmas to you ah LOL
  13. thats an awesome find...i should look into visiting a thrift store soon!
  14. Whilst photographing the new kitten, the Bedford and the Gucci Large Raspberry Hobo crept in!
    Enjoy :biggrin:

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  15. ooh, that came out too small...sorry, it's my first time posting pictures! you get the idea, though