Does anyone have a luxury bowler in black?

  1. I am considering purchasing a black leather or patent leather black luxury bowler. the one with the sliver chain along the trim and handles. Anyone who owns this bag i would love your honest opinions on this it, like it, or just ok....please help me soon:love::love::love::love::love:
  2. I have the black deerskin leather bowler from the fall 2006 season and love, love, love it! :heart::love: The sheen on the leather is just gorgeous; it's durable and holds a ton.

    I also have the black patent Luxury tote and find this patent to be very durable. I am not usually a patent fan. The tote is rather clunky and I'm constantly bonking it up against things. No dings, no rips; it still looks good as new. The patent is a crackled texture that doesn't show fingerprints. The only nuance is that patent (esp. black) attracts dust like a magnet. I am constantly wiping dust away that collects along the top near the zippers.

    It may be difficult to find the leather version. Deerskin is completely sold out in black. There may still be some metallic black goatskin or matte black calfskin bags floating around Saks or Chanel boutiques if you call around.

    Tread carefully on eBay if you go that route. I've seen some awful fakes lately.:yucky:
  3. I love mine - I have this style in three colors, red, bronze and metallic black. It is just big enough to put all the things I need to carry with me throughout the day (wallet, checkbook, cell phone, agenda, makeup bag, mints, brush, and work badge) but not oversized.
  4. I don't have it but when i went to Saks in santa barbara i saw it in person and it was SO pretty! it was roomy but does not LOOK huge and it has this pretty sheen to it! GET IT! :heart:
  5. i love this bag....the bag that got me into loving chanel but i don't own one :sad: anyone know how much is it now?
  6. I have the black smooth calfskin luxury bowler. I LOVE this bag! I'm a big fan of the bowler shape and the Luxury Ligne is one of my favorites. However, I much prefer the leather over the patent. Handheld, shoulder bag, the medium size bowler is just a pretty perfect bag all the way around. So, if you have the opportunity to get one, GET IT! You will love it.

    Anyone know? Are they going to bring back any leather luxury bowlers? Deerskin, calfskin, goatskin?
  7. I have a metallic black goatskin luxury bowler in the medium size and *LOVE* it. I use it as my everyday bag and it has held up beautifully...I'm extremely careful with my bag -- I even keep a pillowcase in my locker at work that I use as a makeshift dustbag -- but even if I do bump into something the bag does not show any wear or tear. Very durable!

    I also love that the bag matches both my casual and dressy outfits...The metallic black may sound flashy, but the overall color effect is surprisingly subtle.

    Good luck in your search! (I got my bag via Damian at Saks PA earlier this year.)
  8. I have the med. size black luxe bowler and also love it. I'm clueless though as to the type of leather. It's black kind of matte and has a burgundy/red lining? Anyone have an idea of the type of leather?
  9. I have it in red...I would love to have it in black. Not patent black though. I cant find one anywhere!!

    I love the red! Its on of my fav bags!
  10. omgsweet, your daughter is GORGEOUS :love:, she looks like a little doll baby :girlsigh:.

    As for the luxury bowler in black, I had a black metallic one and STUPIDLY returned it - that was a HUGE mistake on my part. Oh well, live and learn...
  11. Yup, it's calf!
  12. I have the Black patent and metalic... I love using the patent in the evenning and to use during fall... the metalic I use during the day, for those casual jean days.... I would suggest the patent over the can't go wrong with Chanel patent bags... hope this helps