Does anyone have a line on a citta rosa ?

  1. I've asked for help with some people here at tpf.....and I was hoping that someone might know of someone who has one to sell?

    It needs to have the scooter monkey, the dogs and baby kong on it. I'm not into all the their placement isn't so crucial. I'm interested in a stellina, a corriere, a campeggio or a gioco?

    Thanks for any direction you can point me in. So far eBay hasn't really been turning anything up that works for me!;)
  2. yeah....over retail and ...the dogs aren't on that one side! :lol: You know I've had a tough time getting the doggies! I have a caramella w/ the dogs & scooter monkey on it but I really want a bag to go with it...with more of the print!!! Who ever heard of getting the purse to go with the makeup bag?:upsidedown: :lol: :lol: i love all those little characters on the street scene! And on the skyscrapers and windows!
  3. The one side has the dogs (although Bastardino's tail is cut off) and the Scooter monkey AND the king Kong monkey. The other side has scooter monkey and king kong. You are looking for all characters on both sides?
  4. i've been looking for a citta rosa too :[ got really close a couple times but people got a hold of it before me lol
  5. Thanks DOT...Its not a favorite bag style for me. And it is very PRICEY! But you were has my I didn't need them on both sides....I'm more into variety....but if I spend that much on a toki bag (which I have not yet if ever!) it will need to be in a zucca style!
  6. I hear you about the Zucca. It's my favorite style but for the money they cost it's got to be **perfect**. I am quite tempted by one on eBay right now but it's WAY over retail....