Does anyone have a Legacy Slim Wallet that isn't a mess?

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  1. :cursing:[rant begins]

    I purchased a leather legacy slim wallet a while back, and within a few days, the coin section began to separate and the coins were falling out! I noticed this when I was putting the wallet back in my bag, and when I turned the wallet to the side, half of what I had (maybe 50c) came out. I took it to the store and the SA told me this was a problem with the earlier styles, and that the manager had the same problem. They sent the wallet in for repair. Since I'm OCD and totally matchy-matchy, I haven't used my black Mandy since the wallet is out being fixed.

    Last week I got a letter indicating that the wallet could not be fixed, and I would be getting a new one in the I'm thinking "GOOD!" I just got a new 07 Legacy shoulder bag in black, knowing it would match my new and improved wallet, and the Mandy could come out of hiding and back into rotation.

    I come home yesterday and open the box, find a very nicely packed wallet, still in the Coach plastic, completely covered by tissue, etc. I open it up to find - THE NEW WALLET HAS THE SAME PROBLEM!!!:hysteric: I haven't even used it yet, and I can see the coin area does not completely close. I can't imagine how bad it would be after a few days of use. I'm so frustrated and disappointed at this. I now have two bags that need a matching wallet. I had a bad feeling about this - knowing that Mommyville got a USED one when hers fell apart. At least this was new, but still not functional!

    Making matters worse, I can't find my original receipt so I can't just return it! I'm going into the store tomorrow to show them and ask for them to bring out a few more, even in different colors, so that I can exchange it and hopefully there is one in the bunch that stays shut. Otherwise, I'm just going to insist on a store credit. There's no other wallet I want (or need), and just spent a small fortune during PCE getting all the bags I could possibly want/need for the rest of the year. I can't believe they can't fix this problem with the wallet?

    Does anyone else have this problem or others with the Legacy wallets?

    okay [/rant over! thanks for "listening".
  2. I would be very disappointed, too. I bought the French wallet, but when I bought it I also understood that the coin area was never intended to actually be used. The leather isn't terribly squishy and flexible in the first place, so the coin area lies too flat to actually hold anything without something giving way. If the leather won't give (and, for the most part, it won't), then the hardware or the stitching has to, leading to a broken wallet.

    It probably wasn't a good idea for them to sell wallets without a functional coin area, but for me the beauty of the wallet outweighed the drawback. I always toss my change in the bottom of my purse anyway!

    But I agree that you need to get a store credit if they cannot find one that functions for you. Sorry about the hassle!