Does anyone have a kooba natasha? how tall are you? r/o

  1. i LOVE the ink color...

    do you think the bag will be too big for someone who is 5'2" (when wearing it at the smaller size)??

    does anyone have pictures of them wearing it??

  2. I have this bag in the patent white. I'll try and post pics for you in the next day or two. I'm 5'4" (but "fluffy"), so it should help give you some perspective.
  3. OK, here you go. I just decided to do it right now while I was thinking about it! I took pics of it both ways so you can see the difference in size.



    Also, here's a link to the Bag Snob review. She's always entertaining for sure!
  4. I saw that bag at Saks in black patent, and it was really gorgeous. I picked it up and thought it was too big for me and I am 5"4", but after seeing it on you, luv, it is absolutely stunning! A head-turner for sure!
  5. THANK YOU luvmygirls for the pictures!!
  6. No prob! Hope it's helpful!
  7. Yet another bag I lust after!

    luvmygirls0, I'm so glad you posted pictures, that realllllly puts things into perspective!

    allwaisezshopping, you're lucky to have that extra inch! I'm 5' 1" :{

    I think that bag would dwarf me, sadly :{
    I believe, all photos of models sporting the product, should have a caption with their height, so that others like ourselves can get that much of a better idea of how big/small the product is. :{
  8. Oh! But my tote I carry all the time, is a white Ferragamo tote, and if I recall correctly, it's about the same width as the Natasha, possibly an inch or two wider. I don't know why I didn't think of that, if you want I can take a picture tomorrow and post it for you! But it's not quite the same bag so I don't know if that's as helpful?
  9. i'm 5'3 and i own one in caramel patent leather...get a TON of compliments on her!
  10. I love the natasha! Thanks so much for posting the pictures!

    I've been searching for a kooba natasha in the patent caramel or black. Have any of you seen it lately in any stores or online? I can't seem to find the bag any more:crybaby:
    I'd appreciate any suggestions...
  11. Ahhhh, that's what I want!

    Great pics, thanks for sharing.