Does anyone have a Kooba Lena?? Is is new??

  1. I have been looking at the Kooba website and LOVE the Lena Bag (in bark). Is this a new style? Does anyone have one or are they even available in stores yet? I think that I would like to get one but I would like some opinions on it from someone who has seen one or has one.
  2. I don't own one, but I just checked it out on the website and its beautiful!!
    I'm determined to buy a Kooba before school starts... Kooba is what led me to tpf anyway! :love:
  3. I thought it wasn't coming out until Fall. I love the bag. I wonder if those double straps are going to hinder getting into the bag. I wish I could use suede purses. The Forest Suede in The Lena is gorgeous.
  4. wow it looks great! i've never seen a kooba irl so i wonder if the leather is soft or not
  5. Looking to find the Kooba Lena in Black - can't find it in person in any new york store. Is the leather soft? Has anyone seen it?
  6. Just bought a Kooba Lena in black, really love it, will post a photo as soon as I figure out how to do it... thanks to Lexie for all the great info:smile:
  7. I bought a Lena in bark but soon after sold it. I wouldn't say that the leather is soft. It's a more structured purse and not squishy leather but the leather is very very nice.The bag had a dressier appearance than I cared for and my husband hated it (and he loves almost all of my Koobas) so after some thought, and a need for a Bourbon Kooba Frankie, I decided to sell it. It's definately a neat looking unique bag...just not for me.
  8. Lexie is right, it is dressier than a lot of the Koobas, but that's what I liked, just love the belted look, think is it a more classic look without being boring:smile:
  9. FYI, lninos has one for sale on ebay---I think it's BIN $470 or thereabouts.
  10. I've bought from LNinos a few times. He's an excellent seller, great to work with, fast shipping, and has great prices.
  11. Bought mine from Ininos as well, great reliable seller, shipping took 3 days to Australia!!:smile::smile:
  12. I saw the bark Kooba Lena today in Bloomingdales. OMG, it is TDF! The leather is so nice to the touch. I love everything about the bag, touch, design, can get the straps over my arms and there is plenty of room inside. I'm looking for an everyday bag and after looking at soooo many designers (Marc Jacobs, Coach, Tods, LV) I've found something wrong with everyone of them. However, I can't find anything wrong with the Kooba. LoL To me, that's a sign that this bag is for me. :yes:
  13. When you fall in love with your first Kooba, I think your love of the brand will grow. I had my first bag (A Scarlett) over 6 months and the more time I used it, I knew I needed another. I think I am the most Avid Kooba lover there is and I'll agree, not every bag is for me. But on the whole, there isn't much I don't like about them (Except the darn inside linings not being tacked down!)
  14. I love the Lena in bark as well but I've to wait until Hubby travels to the U.S in January and can bring back one for me because they are really hard to get here in Germany and if you can find them, they're hugely overpriced e.g. 700 Euros for a Ginger which is about 950$. Therefor dh has to bring the Koobas with him.