Does anyone have a Kooba in Slate?

  1. I would love to see real-life pics of a Kooba in the slate color. Can anybody post pics?
  2. lexie will when she sees this or you can search for her pix ;)
  3. I don't have one but I saw it in the store and it's not really as blue as it looks in pictures.
  4. You should post in the Kooba forum. Someone there has to have one. Btw, I love the Slate color too!
  5. I just recently sold mine because it was too small for me. Pretty little bag with a heavy chain. It's Gray with a hint of blue. Here's one pic.

  6. That is SUCH a pretty color!

  7. Really?! It's too small? I was going to get this first since I'm still waiting on the Nicole. What can it fit?
  8. Not much...LOL I supppose a wallet, keys, lipsticks, cell phone, and a few other small things. It doesn't have much depth which is the killer.