Does Anyone have a Jumbo Classic Flap with GOLD HARDWARE??

  1. It seems like everyone has a Jumbo Classic Flap with Silver Hardware, I would LOVE to see some pics of some of you ladies with their Jumbos with Gold Hardware!! :tup:
  2. No one has a Jumbo classic with gold hardware???
  3. I'm with you. I would love to see some pics.

    I want one--one day:tup: Especially since I plan to get a two-toned watch
  4. I am waiting delivery of mine - I will defo post pics when she comes
  5. I have a few of the older ones with the HUGE CC. I love that style the best! I also have an XL jumbo. A friend was trying to convince me to sell some of them b/c she thinks they're too similar ... but that's NOT gonna happen!
  6. Yeah I would like to see pix too because I am currently trying to decide on the gold hardware or the silver hardware on the Jumbo.
  7. wow, I guess the majority seems to have the jumbo classic in silver...
  8. Yeah thats my current debate too...
  9. LOL!!:tup:
  10. i have some old pics i can show you for now. i can take some more pics tomorrow if you would like me to..
  11. ^^ the 2nd pics, i shortened the straps a bit, just in case you were wondering.. btw, i love the jumbo with gold chains!!
  12. sweet_pees- thank you for posting your pics!! there is a true lack of jumbos with gold hardware on here and I have been dying to see some pics! it looks so great on you! I would love to see even more pics if you could post more...I have to shorten the chain also since im only 4 11'' and its way too long on me otherwise. Just curious how tall are you btw?
  13. How brave am I !! 52 yo putting my photo on here with all you gorgeous young ones! But here is my gold flap - hubby just took a photo in my daggy old black top, so changed to my coat for another, but posted them both anyway!! The photos don't do this bag justice. It is just gorgeous!

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    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>
  14. bling baby, you're rocking that gorgeous bag! That's one I've been thinking about. What is the size & is it lambskin? It looks like a larger CC than on the regular jumbos. Love it!
  15. hi chanel-girl,

    i have the Jumbo Classic Flap with gold hardware & i love it. i'll try to post photos for you later. but just to give you an idea, i'm 33 years old & stand 5 ft. you can shorten the straps by tying them under if you want like what sweet_pees did.

    i think the gold hardware gives it a more classic & classy look but then again, that's just my opinion. goodluck.