Does Anyone Have A Jade (fill in the blank)....?

  1. I'm wondering about that color "jade". Is it a weird color? They had Lucys, Claudias, Chiaras....they have a few on eBay right now, but I can't tell if it's as weird as it appears. Any thoughts? Seen one in real life????
  2. Jade was a legit color. In fact, in another thread about authentic Kooba finds, I mentioned calling a Florida Saks Off Fifth. I called several stores trying to find a black Ginger ... the store in Dawsonville, Georgia (I think that's the one ... it's the only other one in Georgia besides Atlanta) had a Jade Lucy. Guy said it "has lots of studs on it and the tag says Jade", so I figure it has to be a Lucy. Price is $249.99 plus if you use the 25% off ecoupon, that will really bring price down low.
  3. I almost bought a jade Lucy at Off 5th. It was a very pretty shade of light green...a bluish shade (as opposed to yellowish) but not turquoise....and pale. The bag was nice and light weight and soft. I decided not to get it because although the color was pretty, I thought it would clash with some of the other greens in my wardrobe. Basically I like my bags to be more neutral. But it was not, in my opinion, a weird color.
  4. In one of the Saks Off Fifth I called yesterday, they have a Jade "something" hobo with lots of studs on it. It's got a style number but no name on the Kooba tag. Some of the older bags had the single retail tags w/only the style number, color and retail price. This is one of those. I figure it's probably a Claudia. Anyway ... after talking about this color, I decided to call back. It was still there and reduced twice from their usual marked down price, plus another 20% off. So, to make a long story shorter, retail is $595 and I ended up buying it for $164.18. Just couldn't resist that price so used some of my b'day money. I will take photos so you guys can see the color.
  5. I bought my mother a Jade Lucy from the Kooba sample sale last spring. She LOVES it! It's beautiful IRL
  6. I'm hoping this one is a Lucy as opposed to Claudia. Won't know until it arrives. They both have "lots of studs" as the sales clerk described and are both hobo type styles. For now, I'm going to call it "the mystery Kooba".
  7. nunnla did they say it had pockets on the outside on each side of the bag. If so that is the Lucy. I dont think the Claudia had outside pockets but I could be wrong. Great Deal I bet it will be a nice bag. Congrats!
  8. Didn't say ... just that it was a hobo with lots of studs. retail price was $595 and it had a style number on tag but no name. But then again, it was a guy and I'm not sure his elevator went to the top floor.
  9. Well the one I almost bought (Lucy, I'm pretty sure) just had the pockets on the ends and it was really light and soft....seemed like it would be really comfortable under your arm as well as very pretty. Look forward to seeing yours.
  10. I have a Jade Lucy, well it was my mom's, but I kind of borrowed it and never returned it... I :heart: the side pockets- they are perfect for a water bottle. The bag is super light and makes a great school tote! Best of all, even though she is a year old, she still smells brand new! Love that yummy Kooba smell! Oh and everytime I open her up and see the lavender lining, it puts a smile on my face!
  11. Well, the mystery jade Kooba from the Georgia Saks Off Fifth arrived today. Surprise, the Kooba retail tag was inside the zippered pocket along with the Saks tag. It's a Claudia, retail $595. My price with the markdowns and extra 20% was around $165. It's actually kind of a pretty color but I sure wish it would have been a Lucy. Here are photos. I know, *****, *****, *****.
    Front.jpg Side.jpg Top.jpg Bottom.jpg Leather.jpg
  12. Hmmmm....such an unusual color. I'm so on the fence about it. On the one hand, it's so distinctive....not everyone will have one...then on the other hand I don't think it would go with anything I wear!!! :crybaby:
  13. Hmm. It looks more of a robin egg blue than a jade. Nunnla, is it more green IRL or more blue?

    I do like the style of the Chiara though, but I totally know what you mean wishing it was a Lucy (<--Kooba's best hobo ever!). ;)
  14. More of a robin's egg blue, with a slight hint of green.
  15. I think it's beautiful; the color would go with a lot, IMHO. The Lucy is a gorgeous bag, but I have a Chiara in blush that's a perfect size & fit (and the single handle is a plus if you ask me) It's a simple no fuss bag & you got it in a lovely color for a fantastic price!