Does anyone have a Hudson?

  1. I know I should be looking forward at all the beautiful new styles and I AM but I keep seeing this bag pop up at really good prices. For some reason it appealed to me when it came out...but now the price is right :graucho: If you own one, how do you like it? Can the small straps go over the shoulder? I guess, I should check the strap drop myself! Anyway, Thanks!! :angel:
  2. Hi Posk, I have this purse in Patent Black and it is really pretty. You can adjust the straps so that it is a duffle and you can still use the handles over the shoulder and if you want a larger purse you can change the size and choose to use either the longer strap or keep using the handles. I use the strap if there isn;t too much in there but use the two handles if it gets too bulky.
  3. i also have this in black patent. i got it for 70% off at Shopbop. i like this bag. it's my rainy day bag since i don't have to worry abouyt getting it wet my mom thought it was plastic.
  4. ohhh great input, thanks ladies! Anyone else??!!!